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In 2020, Austin Parks Foundation converted their in-person conference, The Parks Summit, into a recurring live video series. At first, we saw some great engagement with each session livestreamed on Facebook or YouTube. Over the course of the pandemic, we started to see our video views steadily decline as our users were starting to feel the fatigue of zoom calls and video content.

In early 2021, I proposed that we transition the Park Summit Series into a podcast – thus the Austin ParksCast was born. Season 1 of the podcast launched in February 2021, and we’ve been periodically releasing new episodes ever since!

A Few of My Favorite Episodes


I’m responsible for co-hosting, producing, and distributing each episode of the Austin ParksCast. I’m in charge of the creative direction including the branding, episode intros and outros, sponsor advertisements, and more. I work with and provide notes to our podcast editor for quality assurance. Each episode is paired with a blog post including important links and announcements, which is then shared on social media.

  • Audio Production
  • Content Distribution
  • Branding
  • Blogging

  • Social Media

Audio Production
Content Distribution
Social Media


We’ve seen some great engagement and feedback on the Austin ParksCast so far! We have around 65 regular listeners and our episodes have been played 1,877 times on Spotify. We’re excited that the podcast allows our audience to engage with our content on their own time, and we’re looking to expand our audience moving forward through digital advertising. Season 3 of the podcast launched in February 2021 featuring an interview with the local artists that painted the new tunnel mural for the Zilker Eagle Mini Train.

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